Would you like to perform on Waterloo Sunset? We’re constantly on the look out for new artists to feature on our YouTube Channel, all artists can apply using the link below, be sure to give as much information about yourself and provide a good reference of your work.

We have a lot of applications and we would love to work with every artist, unfortunately this isn’t possible. That said to give more people the opprtunity to perform we have created the following options:

General Applications

Our general application is for an opportunity to perform at Waterloo Sunset and be showcased on our Sessions playlist. If you are selected you’ll be able to select a shoot date and time and get a 1 hour 30 minute session where you’ll be able to record upto 3 songs.

We’ll handle all production down to mixing and mastereing and your content will usually be released within 6 months of your performance.

People's Choice

This is a chance for the people to choose who gets to go on Waterloo Sunset. Both Artists and people can choose to nominate an artist and get their audience to support them.

50 Nominations will garauntee you or your favourite artist a shoot! Your content will be in ‘Sessions’ & our up & coming playlist ‘People’s Choice’.

International Women's Month 23

International Women’s Day is usually on March 8th, but its just a day!? So we thought lets do this properly and make our celebration last the entire month of March.

Thats 31 days, 31 Women & 31 New Songs for the month of March and we can’t wait! We’ll be filming for this from the month of September 22 up until Feb 23, Applications will be open until Dec 22.


We’ve had multiple requests from artists to buy our services and own the content for their owns means of distribution. So we are happy to present our new Packages.

You’ll get to perform in our studio and receive a collection of deliverables from your full performance video, social content and masters for online streaming.

Please Note: Paid packages are for personal use and won’t be featured on the ‘Sessions’ playlist, however we will support you on socials and promote your content when you release it.